– Bradley Jenkins of ONA

"Ona is very thankful and grateful for the support the Huntington community and a program like Create Huntington has given us. Without it, we would not have been the band we are today. With the grant money we received we were able to press our debut album 'American Fiction' on a widespread of mediums around the globe.

Being that all of the album art was made and produced locally, we were very honored and proud to use our grant in such a way that shines a light on the creative culture here in Huntington. With continuation of programs like this, artists from all sides of the spectrum are able to get an assist on that initial spark and are able to spread the good word that Huntington is indeed on the map."

– Joe Troubetaris

"I received one last year for Funktafest on October 2, 2017! This mini grant helped fund our $5000 all free to the community all Funk music festival. This was our first time organizing and coordinating a music festival by partnering with Greater Huntington Parks & Recreation District. It turned out to be amazing! This grant helped pay for bands, sound, lightning, and many other things!"